no scrubs


It’s exactly what you think it is and you need to listen to it.


Holy shit this is good.

Down To The River To Pray
Alison Krauss



Down to the River to Pray - Alison Krauss

I Always Liked That
Maria Mena - Weapon in Mind

and i’ve always liked that about me
that i know what i’m fighting for, and for this i’d go to war


all the other kids with the



better run, better run


the selfie generation; songs for the 90s bitches, the young volcanoes, and anyone who’s feeling 22 — because when “the greatest generation” started shitting all over us, we wrote love songs to ourselves ♥ {listen}


LET IT GO; ”You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”   [LISTEN]

human - christina perri / i’m only human and I crash and I break down
let it go - disney /let it go, let it go and i’ll rise like the break of dawn
brave - sara bareilles / maybe one of these days you can let the light in, i want to see you be brave
be still - the killers / when they knock you down don’t break character, you’ve got so much heart
roar - katy perry / i went from zero, to my own hero.
breakaway - kelly clarkson / i’ll spread my wings and i’ll learn how to fly i’ll do what it takes til’ i touch the sky
who says - selena gomez/ who says, who says you’re not perfect?
beautiful -christina aguilera / you are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can’t bring you down.
born this way - lady gaga / don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you’re set
perfect - pink / please don’t you ever, ever feel like you’re less than fucking perfect
i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds/ you are not a robot, you’re lovable, so lovable but you’re just troubled
shake it out - florence and the machine / and it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off, its always darkest before the dawn

Feist - The Reminder

1234 | Feist

Money can’t buy you back
The love that you had then

Regina Spektor - Far

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song.
You can’t believe it; you were always singing along.

No Scrubs
Bastille - Bastille


No Scrubs- Bastille